Wen Sandwich

What's on the menu?

This is the first solo collection served up by migwashere(Bored Ape Yacht Club, HoFGL, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate).

A fun little pixel art project made with love and food for the soul.

Once the food truck arrives, get assembling and you’ll have a tasty treat delivered to your wallet on the Ethereum blockchain.

The sandwich transporter

Your sandwich - there may or may not be many others like it, but this sandwich is yours.

There’s a menu of over 200 sandwich ingredients for you to get your degenerate fingers all over, classic sandwiches starting from 0.05ETH.

Your personal taste is what makes you unique. Rarity is decided by the collectors (not by luck of what lands in your wallet).

You decide what goes in. You choose the rarity. You choose the deliciousness...or the nastiness.

Wen Sandwich

Going, going, gone.

In sandos, as in life, fresher is better.

We believe everyone deserves a sandwich, so there is no fixed collection size, allowing anyone to join the fun with as many sandwiches as they want.

This is, however, a limited edition art collection only available for one week before disappearing like a ninja forever. Mint will start on the 9th of February.

The Wen Sandwich Truck


It doesn't matter which country you're from, every culture has its own variation of the sandwich. Meat, veggies and sauces sandwiched (heh) between two pieces of bread. Who sandwich? We all sandwich.

Because the creation of a sandwich is so different from person to person we didn't want this to be your standard randomized art collection. Being able to customize and choose the sandwich you want was always the driving motivation for this project. There's a good chance that many people may choose the same sandwich but it's more important for us to give the people what they want rather than worry about the collection rarity as a whole.

Check us out on Opensea.

Minting is now closed.

We could have done burgers. We could have done pizzas. But we believe there is no food more personal and unique to each person than the humble sandwich. You can put anything you want between the bread and eat it at any time of the day, it's quick and easy to make, and you don't have to be a bloody michelin star chef to make it. Anyone can make one - that's what makes them great.

When the minting is live, head on back to our website (wensandwich.xyz), connect your wallet, and get creating.

Once you’ve finished making the sandwich (or sandwiches) your heart desires follow the prompts to check out and make sure you have enough Ether in your wallet to cover the cost (and a little extra for gas). Your sandwich will be delivered to your wallet on the Ethereum blockchain and minted forever as an ERC-721 Token.

A few important safety tips to remember:
  • Announcements will only ever be from our official twitter (@wensandwichxyz) or from this website.
  • We will never DM you offering an early mint, whitelist etc.
  • This website will never ask you for your seed phrase.
  • We will link our official opensea collection from this website and our twitter.